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LCU - Fully automatic pallet packing press for end-of-line packaging in the corrugated industry

Production site in Malaysia

The fully automatic pallet press LCU secures pallets for downstream transport. Ideal for processing of frequently changing product batches with different formats, this machine adds a cost-efficient, entry-level model to the Mosca portfolio of high-end pallet packing presses. The machine's compression plate applies up to two tons of pressure on the corrugated sheets or bundles. The LCU optionally straps up to 95 pallets per hour with one moveable sealing unit or up to 150 pallets with two fixed units.

The Mosca pallet strapping machine for securing of goods contains German technology:

·         Top-mounted, vertically moveable SoniXs ultrasonic sealing unit

·         2 moveable strap lances for strapping palletized goods

·         Moveable sealing unit incl. automatic height adjustment

·         Flap opener with package height scanning PLC control

·         Operation via 7" touch panel

·         Can be integrated into most production lines

·         Potential-free contacts to customer-side conveying systems

·         Pressure 2.2 tons

·         Easy accessibility

·         Structural coating machine RAL 5010, gentian blue

·         Structural coating compression plate RAL 7004, signal grey

·         Structural coating electrical cabinet RAL 7004, signal grey

By shifting final assembly of LCU to Southeast Asia, Mosca Malaysia’s production portfolio of smaller machines has recently been extended to a larger pallet strapping system. This relocation strengthens Mosca's presence in the Asian market by ensuring short lead times without compromising the proven Mosca quality. Customers are increasingly automatizing their production processes, especially in the Asian region. "We use our expertise to support companies on the path to automation. Working together, we analyse their potential and come up with a solution to increase production efficiency." (Mosca CEO Alfred Kugler). With local offices and a manufacturing facility in Malaysia, Mosca is in a position to quickly respond to customer needs and develop customized strapping solutions.

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