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Leo Maiello is the new CEO at MOSCA Strap & Consumables GmbH and Co. KG


The MOSCA Group is strengthening its management team by adding a sustainability expert with extensive experience in setting up new, international corporate structures. In his new position as CEO of the MOSCA Strap & Consumables subsidiary, he will be in charge of the consumables segment within the MOSCA Group. He is dedicated to a holistic view of sustainability – from resource-saving recycling systems to the reduction of carbon emissions and the use of alternative materials.

Founded in 2021, MOSCA Strap & Consumables GmbH and Co. KG is gaining an experienced manager whose focus is on conceptualising and building new business fields. "With many years of career experience in retail, Leo Maiello is very familiar with setting up and scaling new business segments and we are delighted to have him on board," says MOSCA CEO Simone Mosca. In addition to strapping materials, MOSCA Strap & Consumables will also supply other consumables in the future– all from a single source. "The global raw materials shortage over the past two years has clearly shown that MOSCA customers appreciate our reliable, comprehensive system of strapping machines, services and strapping materials. We see significant growth potential here for the years to come," Simone Mosca explains.

As the new CEO, Leo Maiello will drive the company's growth forward. The business administrator started out as a trainee at General Motors. He later worked for the Schwarz Group for many years where, after serving as district manager, he held leadership positions in sales, logistics and purchasing in various European countries as well as in Asia. There, Maiello was tasked with setting up a dual system for the corporate group. After a stint at Porsche Consulting, he returned to the Schwarz Group and became managing director of the PreZero Dual division, which was established on the basis of his previous work. This is where he was responsible for setting up a closed recycling loop within the global group of companies. In this process, he became familiar with MOSCA as a joint partner. Maiello explains: "What has always impressed me about MOSCA is how consistently the awareness of sustainability runs through all of the company's divisions: from the development of energy-saving machines and resource-conserving production operations, to recycled consumables."

Leo Maiello sees this holistic approach as the backbone of his work as the new CEO at MOSCA Strap & Consumables: "We are currently still putting a lot of energy into calming down the unpredictable supply chains in order to provide our customers with more planning security. Our long-term focus is on sustainability at the end of the packaging line. In addition to using recycled materials in products like MOSCA PET strapping, we see the potential for alternative, plant-based materials." Maiello is also looking forward to developing new products and approaches within the MOSCA Group in his new position as CEO of MOSCA Strap & Consumables. This includes working with MOVITEC, the corporate division that added stretch wrappers to the MOSCA portfolio in 2021.

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