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Mosca rolls out ONE Service: comprehensive single-source services


Companies that need to secure goods for transport at multiple facilities around the world want to be able to do this under stable conditions with consistently high quality. That's why Mosca offers its customers a service network that is truly unique in the industry. The company provides everything from maintenance, repairs, installations and relocations, to training and Technical Expert Meetings focusing on the optimization potential of strapping machines. As of 2018, the same standards and norms apply to all 14 subsidiaries, ensuring consistent service quality around the globe.

What started as projects in separate departments is being handled as a joint project from Waldbrunn, Germany and the USA since mid-2017. Starting in early 2018, the units maintenance and contracts, service and repairs, installations and relocations, and technical training are combined under ONE Service. The new concept focuses on uniform service quality and providing customers around the world with exactly what they need. As a technology leader, MOSCA introduced ONE Service to offer standardized, high-quality maintenance and service – and not only when a machine has stopped working. "Since the beginning of 2018, we are not just working with the same sets of maintenance parts, maintenance descriptions and checklists worldwide. Through our service management system, we can look up information about the condition of the machine and which services a customer has already received transnationally. This enables us to give our customers the advice they need," says Michael Raule, Head of Technical Service at Mosca. By consolidating information, Mosca can work closely with customers in the area of preventive maintenance and avoid a foreseeable machine halt.

On site in less than 3.5 hours

Over 100 Mosca technicians, plus more than 30 others contracted by partners, ensure that Mosca machines run perfectly worldwide. In Germany, for example, a technician is on site within an average of 3.5 hours.

Mosca support in an emergency is complemented by maintenance contracts that prevent the need for unexpected repairs in the first place. With the convenient full-service package, customers are automatically reminded by our service staff about upcoming dates. As well as having calculable maintenance costs, our customers benefit from free upgrades and software updates that are installed automatically during maintenance.

But Mosca’s service doesn't begin only when a machine requires maintenance. Trained Mosca staff install new machines and instruct machine and system operators on correct usage. Users are then able to avoid disruptions caused by incorrect operation and learn how to operate the machine for maximum efficiency. Mosca also supports customers in the event of a relocation and provides specialists to dismantle and reassemble machines.

Technical training for optimal machine operation

Correct operation extends the service life of a machine and enables users to maximize its potential. Mosca provides the Technical Expert Meeting for strapping machines or systems already in operation. The first Technical Expert Meeting on the UATRI-2 XT gave Mosca customers the opportunity to meet the staff in person. In live training sessions, machine engineers and technical service experts demonstrated how to maximize the efficiency of the machine for the corrugated cardboard industry. Presentations on Industry 4.0 networking and new machine updates rounded out the two-day program. Feedback about the machine from customers during the Technical Expert Meeting helps Mosca to further optimize machines. Plans for the next Technical Expert Meeting in 2018 are already in the making.

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