Fully Automatic Corrugated Cardboard Strapping Machine


Fully Automatic Corrugated Cardboard Strapping Machine

Lembaran data

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  • SoniXs Utrasonic sealing unit in standard-6 version
  • High availability due to controlled frame
  • 5-sided electromechanical package alignment
  • Continuously adjustable conveyor speed
  • Laterally driven transport belts
  • Driven top belts
  • Electro-mechanical package stop and hold-down device
  • Intuitive user guidance via colored touch panel with ergonomic positioning options
  • ATR – Automatic cycle rate regulation
  • Easy maintenance due to automatic removable strapping unit
  • Automatic machine adaptation to package dimensions via adjustable recipes
  • CE marking inclusive conformity declaration
Variasi & Pilihan

Options UCB strapping machine:

  • Fully automatic strap coil change by double strap dispenser
  • 3-part signal light [LED]
  • Package alignment backside
  • Second package stop for second strapping
  • Low strap detection with signal in the control panel
  • Infeed table incl. package stop

UCB with Strapping AND Banding Unit in one single machine
for gentle banding of sensitive products:

  • Banding across the bundle (not inline)
  • Banding unit with ultrasonic sealing technology
  • Air supported frame
  • Frame size: 1,250 mm x 600 mm
  • Jumbo foil dispenser with pulley system
  • Easy threading of the banding foil into the pulley due to the threading position of the rollers
  • Banding foil: 20 mm wide / 160 µm thick / 1,600 m on a roll
  • Control touch panel on the side of the banding unit adjustable in inclination for ergonomic operation
  • Automatic adjustment of banding tension via Teach-in function
  • Quick and easy exchange of strapping and banding unit (ca. 8.5 minutes)
Butiran teknikal

Up to 32 single stappings per minute
Up to 20 double strappings per minute [with two package stops and a conveyor speed of 1.0 m/sec]

Conveying Height:
800 mm – 1,000 mm on castors
970 mm – 1,150 mm (option)

PP straps: Width: 5 – 12 mm
                 Thickness: 0.40 – 0.63 mm

Strap Coil Dispenser:
Core diameter: 200 mm
Core width: 190 mm

Voltage: 100 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz, 1L+N+PE
Power consumption: approx. 0.6 kW

Weight: [without options]
1,250 mm → 1,600 kg
1,650 mm → 2,000 kg

Format Sizes*: [L | W | H]
Package min:   150 | 105 | 20 mm
Package max:  1,400 | 1,200/1,600 | 400
*without package alignment backside

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