Fully Automatic Pallet Strapping Machine


Fully Automatic Pallet Strapping Machine

Lembaran data

KZV-311 (455 KB) Download Icon
  • SoniXs Ultrasonic sealing unit
  • Strap dispenser
  • Complete electric control for automatic and semiautomatic operation in the operator panel
  • Siemens PLC control with touch panel
  • Different Models:


  • Lateral mounted sealing unit
  • Sealing unit moveable towards the product
  • Strap lance for strapping of palletised goods


  • Like basic model KZV-311, closed strap frame for boxes and cartons
Variasi & Pilihan
  • Three-part signal light including low strap detection
  • HL sealing unit with floating head (up to 5,000 N strap tension)
  • Floating head
  • Muting System
  • Safety guards
  • Stroke extension of sealing head to 600 mm
Butiran teknikal

Up to 30 pallets/h at 4 vertical strappings (depending on size)

Passage Sizes:
Width: 600 – 2400 mm (100 mm steps)
Hight: 1000 - 2900 mm (100 mm streps)

PP straps: Width 12 mm, thickness 0.8 mm
PET straps: Width 9.5 – 12.5 mm, thickness 0.54 – 0.66 mm

Strap Tension:
200 – 2,500 N, infinitely adjustable

Strap Coil Dispenser:
Core diameter: 406 mm

Voltage: 400 V, 50 Hz, 3L+N+PE (others on request)
Power consumption: approx. 2 kW, depending on equipment

Weight: (without options)
approx. 850 kg

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