Automatic Pallet Strapping Machine

  • KZV-111
  • KOV-111-16
  • KOV-111-C
  • Angle_Edge-Protection
  • Angle Edge Protection - Efficient solution for securing sensitive products for transport


Automatic Pallet Strapping Machine


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  • Top-mounted SoniXs ultrasonic sealing unit
  • Automatic height adjustment of pressure plate to bundle height
  • Easy accessibility
  • Electrically driven lift plate with geared brake motor
  • Strap dispenser
  • Siemens PLC control with touch panel
  • 2-column design from 2,200 mm passage width

Different Models:


  • Top-mounted sealing head
  • One SoniXs- sealing head and one vertical strap guide
  • Movable strap lance for strapping of palletized goods

Like basic model KZV-111, with laterally moveable turntable

Like basic model KZV-111, with additional underfeed channel for strapping of unpalletized goods

Like basic model KZV-111, bottom arch with automatically controlled strap lance or underfeed channel; particularly suitable for strapping of frequently changing package types with or without pallets

[KZV-121 | KZS-121 | KOV-121 | KVV-121]
Like variants KZV-111, KZS-111, KOV-111 and KVV-111, but with two frame guides and two SoniXs sealing units; increased strapping performance through simultaneous parallel strapping with two sealing units

バリエーション & オプション
  • Strap sealing unit BSG 4
  • Contact gib
  • Three-part signal light
  • Air conditioning equipment
  • High speed package
  • HL sealing unit with floating head [up to 5,000 / 7,000 N strap tension]
  • Automatic top edge protection
  • Floating head
  • Flap opener with load height scanning
  • Service Locking Device: Fully automatic locking of the the plate
  • Permanent Lubrication: Automatic lubrication system for bearings and sprocket


  • Automatic balk feeder with large buffer, which can be loaded during operation
  • Angle edge protection: Efficient, cost-effective and material-saving solution for securing sensitive products for transport


  • Fully automatic vertical strapping machine for paper coils
  • With closed strap guide, moveable sealing unit and top sealing position

approx. 12 s [depending on passage height and width]

Passage widths:
1,200 – 3,200 mm [in 200 mm steps]

Conveying Height:
0 – 650 mm [others on request]

PP straps: width 12 mm, thickness 0.55 – 0.80 mm
PET straps: width 9.5 – 12.5 mm, thickness 0.54 – 0.66 mm

*Deviations possible with HL sealing unit

Strap Tension:
250 - 2,500 N infinitely adjustable

Strap Coil Dispenser:
Core diameter: 406 mm

Voltage: 400 V, 50 Hz, 3PH/N/PE [others on request]
Power consumption: approx. 3 kVA

Weight: [without options]
1,200 kg

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