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Deutsche SiSi Werke – Strapping technology for the beverage industry

Children everywhere know Capri Sun, which is sold and enjoyed in more than 100 countries. In 1969, Deutsche SiSi-Werke, a company in the WILD Group, introduced Germany to Capri Sun in its distinctive stand-up pouch. Capri Sun is leading in the segment of flexible small packs in Germany since 1969 and in Europe for about twenty years. The stand-up pouch is the defining characteristic of Capri Sun and is the ideal packaging when on the go. Capri Sun is produced in 18 countries including the USA, China and the Middle East. The expansion of the brand outside Europe is based on strong partnerships with licensees who take over production and sales of the fruit drink varieties in their respective countries. To guarantee the quality and the unique flavour of Capri Sun, WILD supplies its licensees with high quality flavour systems and drink pouches and equips all production plants exclusively with the high efficiency filling machines.

Reducing packaging material

Since the eighties the environmental idea plays an important roll, says Eberhard Kraft, Senior Vice President Operation and Process Technology of the Deutschen SiSi-Werke GmbH / Heidelberg: “We do our utmost to reduce the material of the packaging by improving steadiness and handling”. The result can be sported: the pouch weighs only 4.33 gr. The box with either 10 or 5 multi-packs, which reaches the supermarket, allows a good aeration by a sophisticated perforation. The boxes can be opened easily and are only that big that the pouches have enough space in it.

No wonder that the desire of optimising the packaging plays also an important roll when securing the material for transit. “Already beginning the nineties we decided to buy the strapping technology”, continues Eberhard Kraft. “The reasons were the high speeds of the machines, environmental advantages and the logistic profit by optimum volume utilisation. In Heidelberg more than 4 Mio. pouches are produced and prepared for transport every day. As a result of good experience we recommend all our licensees to buy strapping machines.”

Sturdy footing: strapping machines in stainless steel execution

For delivery, the multi-packs will be stapled in nine layers on euro-pallets. First of all, four 10-multi-packs resp. eight 5-multi-packs will be combined to one bundle. The 395 mm long, 265 mm wide and 145 high bundles will then be vertically double strapped. This strapping is done by fully automatic MOSCA strapping machines, which consist of two machine units arranged in pairs.

SiSi has installed 16 strapping machines with lateral sealing heads in damp-location-capable, stainless steel execution, one further machine is installed as replacement. Every machine straps 28 bundles per minute, even max. 40 straps / minute, with tear-proof polypropylene strap. Strap tension is adjustable to suit any application. The machines can be integrated into most production lines via potential-free contacts. An easy handling is given by an automatic strap threading, intuitive touch panel interface as well as a three colour light signal constantly monitoring machine status.  Thanks to pluggable electrical connections the machine can be exchanged or re-positioned easily.

Special solution for additional horizontal strapping

„At the request of one of our licensee we had to realize an additional horizontal strapping for the 5-multi-packs”, completes Eberhard Kraft. “Also for this design, we found an adequate partner with MOSCA”. The special horizontal strapping machine PI-3 has been designed only for this application. The machine works with a capacity of 28 straps per minute and could also be integrated in the existing production line. The additional strapping stabilises the 5-multi-packs with their eight bundles the way that even the critical licensee avoids stretch wrapping now.

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