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EAM-Mosca (Canada) Ltd., Toronto

EAM-Mosca is the MOSCA affiliate in the Americas, offering the full range of Mosca equipment including some specialty systems manufactured in North America using MOSCA technology. Polyester and polypropylene strapping is manufactured at the headquarters in Hazleton, Pennsylvania, and there are also operations with strapping and parts distribution in Whitby, Ontario, Canada and Monterrey, Mexico. An on-line, telephone and field service is in operation across the entire region. EAM Mosca has been in operation since 1982 and has installed over 20,000 systems during that period.

EAM-Mosca (Canada) Ltd.

Phone: +1 905 665 8225
Fax: +1 905 665 8188
E-mail: mike.gratz(at)eammosca.com

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