Fully Automatic Cross Strapping System

  • Mosca strapping machine EVOLUTION SoniXs TAI-6

Evolution SoniXs TAI-6 Pro

Fully Automatic Cross Strapping System


This strapping system consists of:
Strapping machine SoniXs TR-6 PRO
Strapping machine SoniXs TRI-6 PRO

  • Cross strapping without bundle turning
  • Ultrasonic sealing system with electronic self-calibration
  • Can be integrated into most production lines
  • High-end Standard 6 sealing unit
  • Easy accessibility and tool-free disassembly of strap path components
  • Bundle positioning via increments by metrical input of the strapping positions
  • Optimization of the strapping processes by machine adaptation to defined package dimensions
  • Intuitive user guidance via colored touch panel. Division into different user groups
  • Continuously adjustable conveyor speed from 0.1 to 1.0 m/s
  • TR-6 PRO: Setting of the strapping positions via visual display in the strapping editor
  • TRI-6 PRO: Energy-efficient, electro-mechanical holddown device
    (also available as pneumatic version)
  • Potential-free contacts to up-stream and downstream systems
  • Open design without protective coverings - CE marking inclusive conformity declaration
  • Extremely low energy consumption
Variációk & Opciók
  • Automatic machine adaptation to package dimensions to optimize the strapping process via sensors or inter face signals
  • Option TR-6 PRO: Energy-efficient, electro-mechanical hold-down device
    (also available as pneumatic version)
  • Option TR-6 PRO: Energy-efficient, electro-mechanical package stop
    (also available as pneumatic version)
  • Variably assignable signal exchange in infeed and outfeed
  • Machine control via package complementary data by network communication
  • Best product processing by possible assignment of package-depending machine settings via product recipes
  • Language-independent data. Help texts in many languages
  • Fully automatic strap coil change by double strap dispenser
Műszaki információk

Up to 37 packages per minute
(600 x 600 mm TR-6 PRO; 500 x 500 mm TRI-6 PRO)

Standard machine grade PP straps:
Width: 5 or 9 mm
Thickness: 0.4 - 0.63 mm
The machine is adjusted to one of the mentioned strap widths.

Strap coil dispenser:
Core diameter: 200 mm
Core width: 190 mm

Voltage: 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz, 1 L+N+PE
Power consumption: approx. 0.60 kW

805 kg (600 x 600 mm TR-6 PRO and 500 x 500 mm TRI-6 PRO incl. hold-down device & package stop)

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