Energy Management

Producing environmentally conscious and thereby preserving resources: this philosophy is an integral part of our corporate identity. In order to reduce the energy consumption in the production of our strapping machines and material, our energy management system has been successfully certified according to DIN EN ISO 50001 in 2015.

Our Energy Policy

Sustainable behavior is the common thread that runs through all departments and business areas of our company. Responsibility for the careful use of finite resources, compliance with statutory and customer requirements and increasing energy prices have led us to define procedural and organizational arrangements with a lasting effect. These rules are anchored in our energy management system which meets the requirements of DIN EN ISO 50001. With the introduction of an environmentally conscious energy policy in our sites in Waldbrunn and Muckental we live our commitment to act in a sustainable and prudent way. Every one of our company contributes continuously within its sphere of influence to the implementation of the following principles. Our energy policy is an obligation for our company and serves all employees as a guideline for the use of energy in everyday life.

Take responsibility

Active environmental protection and efficient and sustainable use of energy are important management tasks for us for which we provide all necessary information and guidelines. Targeted trainings encourage and our employees to pursue its activities in terms of our energy objectives. Compliance with legal and regulatory obligations is a matter of course. To check our predetermined strategic and operational ideas, we use an energy management system, in which both our employees and our suppliers are integrated. The review of our targets by the company management is an important component of this system.

Strive for improvements

We are committed to achieve continuous development by regularly reviewing our energy management system. Prior to the introduction of new production methods, when planning further investments as well as during manufacture of our products, we determine the associated environmental impacts and energy requirements. Wherever possible and technically feasible, we will try to reduce them to a minimum by the purchase of energy efficient equipment and services. Through the use of the most advantageous technology we increase the energy efficiency of our machines and systems and thereby reduce the production of greenhouse gases. At the annual management audit we consider our energy goals, whether they are still effective and in line with our energy policy.

Save energy

We are engaged to a lasting reduction in energy consumption and a sustained increase in energy-related performance to conserve resources and save energy. We use energy efficiently and deal responsibly with it. Through a comprehensive and continuous data acquisition of the used energy sources, the processes are analyzed in terms of the energy demand and potential for savings. This means in practice, that for example energy-efficient products and services are taken into account in the purchase decision. Our staff participates in the continuous improvement process through efficient and clever suggestions about energy preservation.

Inform frankly

We inform all employees about environmental protection and energy issues, encourage them to individual responsibility in their workplace and promote environmental and energy awareness. In an open, objective and comprehensive dialogue with the public, with business and contractual partners as well as relevant authorities, we exchange information in an appropriate manner about environmental or energy-related events, all in line with our energy policy.

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