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Fully Automatic Pallet Packing Press

  • Fully Automatic Pallet Strapping Machine KPT-131-26


Fully Automatic Pallet Packing Press

  • MOSCA's pallet packing presses are manufactured in series based on a unit construction system
  • Features: robust construction; program-controlled for incorporation in conveying lines; capable of multiple simultaneous strapping; structural steelwork in closed pressed frame, no foundation required for set-up; strap dispenser for plastic strap; weight-neutral strap feed and strap store; especially suitable for cartons stacked on or without pallets
  • 3 strap guides with 3 strap guiding lances
  • 2 sealing heads (1 sealing head laterally movable)
  • Driven roller conveyor
Variants & Options
  • Sealing unit type KSR-2 DC
  • Modem for data transfer and teleservice
  • Sealing unit type Sonixs
  • Scanning of remaining strap on the reel
  • Operator push buttons additionally to/instead of operator panel
  • Health & safety equipment according to CE regulation (safety guards)
  • Automatic top and bottom edge protection dispenser
  • Special accessories
  • 2-sided photo cell monitoring of the strap guiding lance
  • Conveying systems
  • Triple indication light
  • Pressure and strapping program pre-selectable via signal exchange
  • Strap welding device BSG 1 (strap must be taped to reel!)
  • Operator panel MP 277-10“
  • Underfeed channel to strap non-palletized products (not available with KPA-1_1 and KPZ-1_1!)
  • Push button for pre-selection of program / pressure additionally to the operator panel
  • Pallet length measurement for correct positioning for center strapping
  • Automatic pressure height pre-selection according to strapping program
  • Post-pressing device (frequency controlled via DC-motor)
  • Safety switch-off gibs for lift truck
  • Climate control (A/C)
Technical details

Up to 130 pallets/h; 2 vertically strappings
Compression force: max. 50,000 N infinitely adjustable

Operating voltage: 400 V, 50 Hz
Power consumption: 6.5 kW

Strap types: Standard machine grade PP or PET strap
Strap sizes: 9.5 - 16.0 mm width; 0.4 - 1.0 mm thickness
Break strength: 2200 - 7500 N
Strap tension: 250 - 4000 N
Strap feed: 4.2 m/s - 8.3 m/s
The machine is adjusted to one of the mentioned strap widths.

Sealing head:
Mosca friction-weld sealing head, moving against the package

Passage widths: 1800 mm - 3200 mm

Consumables & accessories

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