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Strapping is similar to fuelling your car: you wouldn't put the cheapest fuel into a top-class engine if you want to achieve top performance.  Likewise, our strapping machines operate with maximum efficiency when combined with high-quality plastic strap.

As a system supplier, we don't just offer machines and comprehensive service options, but also plastic strap (banding / tape) made from polypropylene (PP Strap) and polyester (PET strap) along with our Eco-Strap.  We have been producing our own strapping material at our plant in Muckental, Germany since 2007.  It is one of the most modern, fully-automatic strap production plants in Europe and operates around the clock.

As an additional benefit, we can print your logo onto plastic strap or emboss them with a seal of authenticity.  This offers additional security during transportation.  When your cargo reaches your customer with the strapping intact, they can be sure that it has come undamaged directly from your facility thus saving time by removing the need for additional checks.

Choosing the right Plastic Strap for your needs...

PP Strap

Mosca's PP strap accounts for approximately two-thirds of our production.  As a food-safe and pollution-free product, we manufacture it as standard in black in widths from 5-15 millimeters.  We are happy to produce it for you in other colours upon request.   PP strapping material is particularly suitable for strapping packages, cartons or other containers, as well as lighter pallets. Product Overview: Plastic Strap PP (Polypropylene)

PET strap

PET Strap is often used where steel bands were used in the past.  It is very strong yet flexible, which allows it to absorb shocks during transportation.  Mosca's PET strap consists of one hundred percent recycled plastic bottles (supplied as bottle flakes) and is equally suitable for both friction or ultrasonic 'SoniXs' welding.  After use, it can be easily fed back into the material cycle.  Our PET strap is available in widths of 9.5 to 15.5 millimeters.  It is thermally stable and, depending on width, can sustain loads of between 180 and 600 kg. Product Overview: Plastic Strap PET (Polyester)

PLA Strap (Also known as Eco-Strap)

Plastics from renewable resources are becoming increasingly important within the packaging industry. As the world’s first strapping material manufacturer, Mosca took up the challenge and developed our Eco-Strap product which is produced from the natural 'bio-plastic' material called polylactic acid (PLA).  This strap is made of bio-compostable polylactic acid plastic that comes from renewable raw materials.  After use, the strap can be industrially composted.  Currently our Eco-Strap is available in a strap width of 5 mm, with other dimensions in 8 and 12 mm due to launched soon!  

For more information on possible uses and tear resistance, please contact our strapping sales team by email at

How much Plastic Strap do you need?

Whether you need a single box or an entire truck or container load, we can fulfill your strap requirements!  Our account managers will support you individually to determine your needs and ensure we can supply larger quantities rapidly.

However much you need, whatever colour you need, whenever you need it, Mosca has the product you need.  Call one of our highly knowledgeable advisors today on 0115 989 0209 or contact us, we look forward to helping you.

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