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We're planting trees with every machine order!


Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. We are always looking for new ways to help reduce our carbon footprint and the impact of our business activities on the environment; whether though the greater use of technology, sourcing of sustainable materials or helping to sponsor and support eco-friendly projects.


At Mosca Direct, we are proud to have joined forces with environmental organisation Ecologi to support their reforestation efforts. From 1st February 2022 we will be planting trees with machine, service and strap orders.

Our commitment to help support deforestation:

From February, we will be donating the following trees to Ecologi with every order placed.

  • 100 trees with every Machine purchased
  • 10 trees with every Strap order
  • 50 trees with every Service contract placed

The Mosca Direct Forest provides a virtual representation of the real trees that are planted as part of our efforts. Please bookmark the link and watch our progress as we grow our forest. We have donated 100 trees to start our forest!

Each tree in the forest is responsibly planted with Eden Reforestation, who ensure their reforestation projects have a positive human impact as well as a positive environmental impact. They hire and train local people to plant new trees, they plant native species, and their seedling survival rate is a whopping 80%. Through this partnership we'll be helping to reduce carbon pollution, creating employment for local families, and restoring wildlife habitats - all helping us accelerate to a more sustainable future.

Join us today and let's get planting!

Learn more about our commitment to sustainability | ► Explore our forest | ► Contact us to place your order

Mosca's road to the future!
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