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Responsible Production

The use of plastic strapping as a packaging material and a means for securing goods for transportation,  exemplifies sustainability.  It ensures that transported goods are secured with the minimal use of materials, meaning less packaging waste and ultimately less impact on our environment.  

At Mosca, we go one step further in our commitment to limiting environmental impact by ensuring our PET strap is manufactured in a climate-neutral process and by developing high-quality energy efficient machinery that consumes less energy during the strapping process.

The key message 'GET inside'

"Responsible Production" relates to Mosca's in-house production conditions as well as to those of its customers whose processes are energy efficient thanks to Mosca's innovative technology and machinery.  When you see the 'GET inside' logo (Green Efficiency Technology inside) on a Mosca  machine, this is our guarantee to you that it features the latest technology for outstanding environmental performance.

When it comes to developing new technologies, Mosca works in close cooperation with customers to engineer and implement custom-designed solutions.  Backed by 50 years of experience you can be sure  that new product developments are based on tried and tested technologies giving the products plenty of time to become established and prove themselves on the market.

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