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Vision, Mission & Values

As an independent family-owned and managed enterprise, Mosca constantly strives to serve customers worldwide as an outstanding strapping systems supplier.

Mosca is the quality and technology leader when it comes to developing and manufacturing high-quality strapping machines strapping material and transport securing systems.  Our goal-oriented approach sets the standard for successful, pioneering innovations and developments.

MOSCA sets standards

Mosca sets high quality standards for products as well as for the company's pioneering, innovative developments.  We solve customer-specific problems with advanced, state-of-the-art technology.  With our standardised industry solutions, top-quality consumables produced in-house and comprehensive services, we offer our global customers a perfect system solution from a single source.  In everything we do, our innovations are based on the experience and expertise of our employees and on a result-oriented corporate philosophy.

Customers are the focus of our corporate activity

As an internationally operating company, we adjust rapidly to changing market conditions in order to maintain and expand our position in a constantly changing market. By continuously improving our product and business processes we guarantee our customers a technologically and economically optimal solution.

Quality is the key element of our corporate success

Mosca thinks and operates sustainably and efficiently in every respect while placing top priority on the quality of its products, services and processes.  Mosca suppliers are regarded as value-adding partners.  They make an important contribution to the company's innovative strength. Each individual employee and the company as a whole strive to earn long-term customer loyalty by increasing the added value of customer processes.

Our Values

We operate according to values that we embrace inside and outside of the company.  These values serve as key elements of our corporate identity.


Our corporate success also implies our social responsibility. We have high expectations when it comes to our own performance, cooperation and benchmarking our work in terms of rules, efficiency, sustainability and profitability. We consistently work towards a solution and are self-critical and constructive. We all share responsibility for the quality of our products and services as well as for goal-oriented actions.


We face change with an open mind and confidence.  We see trends as a challenge to continue developing as a means of securing long-term success for our company and our customers.  We are open to innovation and strive to develop unprecedented solutions for the future.  Lifelong learning is one of the fundamental principles of our success and holds the key to stability and continuity.


We create trust through direct and respectful communications. Leadership in our company means setting an example and creating space to allow each individual to optimally develop their skills. We encourage personal responsibility and team spirit. A cooperative relationship with our suppliers and customers increases added value and customer benefits on a basis of trust.

Our products designed to meet your needs

Mosca strapping machines are used in practically all industries.  The company's product portfolio ranges from semi-automatic machines to fully automated high-speed systems.  Mosca also manufactures conveyor systems and produces plastic straps.

System provider

Mosca supplies a lot more than machines: We offer our customers an end-to-end solution aimed at precisely meeting their needs. Across the globe, the name Mosca stands for expert advice, outstanding machine quality, optimal consumables and a comprehensive, total service concept.

Sustainability for Mosca means accepting responsibility

Mosca’s core product; strapping machinery, exemplifies sustainability. It ensures that transported goods are secured with minimal use of materials. Even the PET straps are manufactured in a climate neutral process. For Mosca, sustainability means accepting responsibility for our products and for the future, in terms of the environment, the local region, our customers and employees.  As an independent, family-managed enterprise, Mosca is in a position to assume this responsibility.

Responsible production

Mosca’s in-house production conditions and those of its customers are energy efficient thanks to Mosca’s innovative technology and machinery. The “GET inside” logo (Green Efficiency Technology inside) identifies machines and products featuring the latest technology for outstanding environmental performance.

Green Efficient Technology  - ‘GET inside’

Mosca is the leading company in the world to use ultrasound welding for strapping. This ensures important environmental and economic benefits. When it comes to developing new technologies, Mosca works in close cooperation with customers.

This places the company in a position to engineer and implement custom-designed solutions. Mosca is backed by 40 years of experience. This means that new product developments are based on tried and tested technologies. As a family-managed, medium-sized enterprise, Mosca gives products plenty of time to become established and prove themselves on the market.

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