Cultural Values

Our cultural Values are at the very heart of everything we do! 


With immense pride, we share our new Cultural Values adopted across the Mosca Northern European Hub (UK / Finland / Benelux).  Inspired by Accensa leadership workshops, a little bit of lego creativity, coaching from Paul Wreaves and support from Mosca Gmbh we have completed our 18-month journey of self-discovery. The results have been truly amazing & inspirational, rewarding our efforts and leaving our team positively energised!

Our culture is our “HUB NE personality.” We are passionate in the belief that we want to leave a lasting positive impression on our customers, suppliers and present & future employees. Our values will be at the heart of everything we do! In its most noticeable day-to-day form, it is “the way we do things around here to succeed”. It encompasses our shared beliefs, norms, symbols, traditions, values and attitudes that permeate within our workplace. 

We have chosen six values which help drive and inspire us to deliver our very best for our customers, suppliers and colleagues. 

Our six Mosca Cultural Values:

1. Empowerment
2. Responsibility & Sense of Duty
3. Duty to Communicate
4. Strengthen Relationships by Finding  
    Common Ground & Having Fun
5. Caring & Kindness
6. Flexibility to Always be Part of the Solution

Embracing, understanding and acting on our values showcases a strong healthy culture and reassures customers and staff a-like to our commitment of quality in everything we do. Our values also inspire potential new employees thinking of joining #teammosca. 

You can explore our values and fun interactive content on our specially created website:

Mosca's road to the future!
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