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Mosca’s Stainless Steel Strapping Machinery - The Perfect Choice for Hai Sia Seafood


(Photo: Hai Sia Seafood)

What happens when Germany’s most innovative mechanical engineering company meets a pioneer of high-quality seafood wholesale in Singapore? Hai Sia Seafood turned to Mosca for a strapping solution suited for the tough conditions in the food processing industry and received "a piece of art".

Located directly at Singapore’s Central Fish Market inside Jurong Fishery Port, family-owned company Hai Sia Seafood processes about 4 tons of fresh catch as well as imported seafood at their plant every night. Founded in 1976, the company is committed to preserving traditional values of the industry, and at the same time continually investing in a modern plant and cutting-edge machinery. That way Hai Sia Seafood continues to work efficiently and provide customers with high quality produce. However, Mr. Ang Junting, 2nd generation owner, also leads the family-business into the digital age. The implementation of a marketing plan, which serves as a paragon for digital transformation of this SME, has helped the company to triple its sales. Hai Sia Seafood supplies large hotels, restaurants and supermarkets in Singapore, but recently also entered online trading and collaborates with grocery chains such as RedMart and Amazon Prime. In order to be able to deliver a variety of 45 different high-quality seafood products to customers across the city-state via online supermarkets, reliable logistics and packaging partners are needed – and this is where Mosca comes into play.

During the renovation period of the processing plant in 2016, Mr. Ang, Deputy Director, started looking for a reliable strapping machine suited for the environment of the seafood processing area. The company’s previous strapping machinery had to be exchanged regularly because it started corroding due to the cold, damp air and occasional contact with water. Also, the featured heat sealing system was not the ideal choice for the circumstances inside the plant. 

Strapping machinery used in the food or beverage industry must be able to withstand difficult environmental conditions and simultaneously meet the highest standards in terms of hygiene and speed. Mosca’s machine portfolio offers various stainless steel solutions that satisfy these requirements: This includes a table-top version and a fully automatic strapper with integrated roller conveyors, both equipped with a bottom-seal unit, as well as a side-sealing machine for the integration into fully automatic production lines. 

Consequently, Mr. Ang decided to trust Mosca’s excellence in strapping solutions and purchased our EVOLUTION SoniXs MP-6 T-VA table top model which was installed in December 2016. It features Mosca’s patented SoniXs ultrasonic sealing system which works reliably even under harsh conditions. It securely seals the strapping material without thermal melting. This prevents the forming of plastic residue and eliminates vapors or toxins. It also keeps polystyrene beads from sticking to the sealing unit when strapping styrofoam boxes. The SoniXs MP-6 T-VA consists of completely corrosion-free materials while sensitive components are equipped with additional covers. Thus, the machine is fully wash-down and can easily be cleaned together with the rest of the entire plant after the night shift. Since its installation, the strapping machine has been running reliably and to the full satisfaction of Mr Ang, who disclosed his contentment with the equipment: "Our Mosca machine is really a piece of art. I’m always proud when my visitors from around the world see a Mosca in a small plant like ours".

The people working with the strapping machine on a daily basis appreciate the easy handling of the MP-6 T-VA as well as its reliability due to high uptime. "What I also really like about the machine is its flexibility. Depending on different requirements during peak hours, we are able to move it around our plant in order to use it at different locations as well as from both sides", explains Mr. Ang.

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