Whistleblower Report Form

Whistleblower Report EN

Whistleblower Form EN

You can report known or suspected wrongdoings by anyone or any entity who is or was working for Mosca GmbH and/or any of its affiliates (collectively, "Mosca") via Mosca Whistleblower Report Form ("Form").

Please note that this Form is NOT:
1. intended to replace any other report forms or processes at Mosca
2. for product or service feedback or complaints
3. for emergency use. You will not receive an immediate response if you make a report through the Form.

IMPORTANT: By submitting a report through the Form, you understand and agree to the Whistleblower Terms.

Examples of wrongdoings:
- acts of bribery or corruption
- illegal activities
- criminal or unethical behavior
- non-compliance with Mosca Code of Conduct
- non-compliance with Mosca Conflict Mineral Policies

When making reports through this Form, please only provide personal data that is reasonably adequate, relevant and necessary for the particular case (GDPR Data Minimisation Principle). It is acceptable for you to use anonymised terms as such "Colleague X at location A" or "Manager Y at location B" in place of personal data.

DO NOT provide bank account number(s), password(s), national identity number(s), and/or sensitive personal data to Mosca. Mosca do not and will not process or ask for such information under any circumstances.

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