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Ultrasonic technology for bulky construction materials: Mosca presents advanced SoniXs M-RI-7 at bauma 2022


New SoniXs ultrasonic sealing unit and digital control options: Mosca will be presenting the upgraded SoniXs M-RI-7 strapping machine for the first time at bauma 2022 from October 24 to 30 (Hall C1, Stand 207). This advanced version of the RO-M-RI is equipped with the current Standard 7 SoniXs narrow sealing unit and a full range of digital control and analysis options. This enables the strapping machine with a ring-shaped strap frame to safely and efficiently process roof battens and other bulky or fragile materials.

Wooden slats and other products frequently used in the building industry are often unwieldy and – depending on the material – heat sensitive. These materials need to be bundled in large quantities for transport without being damaged in the process. Strapping is often the most efficient method for quickly securing these products for transport because it requires a minimal amount of material and makes unbundling easier at the construction site.

Specially designed for bulky goods, the SoniXs M-RI-7 features a ring-shaped open frame system with a diameter of 300 millimetres. Thanks to the retractable strap frame, operators can place roof battens, profiled timber or other building products on the table from any sides. The machine then quickly and easily straps the materials.

SoniXs narrow sealing unit reliably straps long and thin products

The newest Standard 7 SoniXs narrow sealing unit uses ultrasonic technology to efficiently seal strap ends with minimal energy consumption. This process does not generate heat or hazardous vapours to safeguard wood and other sensitive materials. Several machines can be easily connected parallel to strap long pieces of timber or slats ranging from four to eight metres and secure them for transport. The strapping machine can also be integrated into fully automated production lines.

PP and PET strapping material in widths of 8, 9 or 12 millimetres can be used to meet the needs of specific applications. This is where the SoniXs sealing unit demonstrates true performance with ultrasonic technology to ensure maximum stability of the sealed strap ends. The extremely narrow sealing unit also enables users to easily secure products with a width of less than 100 millimetres.

Edge computing and cloud connection ensure transparency and control

"The RO-M-RI has proven itself in the market over the years thanks to its reliability and flexibility. We are now taking this machine to the next level with the advanced SoniXs M-RI-7 and its extensive digitalisation options," explains Mosca GmbH CEO, Timo Mosca. Users can quickly and easily adjust strapping settings via the integrated web HMI - and efficiently secure frequently changing product sizes. The new version of the machine also offers enhanced digital control and analysis options. Thanks to edge computing and cloud connection, users can view and control usage data such as availability, performance or quality regardless of time and place.

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