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The right components are always at hand with a Mosca spare parts kit


They're small, but indispensable: springs, deep groove ball bearings, melt inserts and other wear parts keep high-performance Mosca machines running smoothly and ensure trouble-free operations at the end of the packaging line. To maximise machine availability, Mosca now supplies specially developed spare parts kits for all machines and sealing unit types. This means that maintenance work can be carried out on the spot – and downtime can be kept to a minimum.

The smallest components – including springs, micro fuses or manufacturer-specific parts such as cutters and slides – play an important role when it comes to safe strapping operations with Mosca machines. And in the event of a malfunction, repair work is quick and uncomplicated – providing the right spare parts are available. Mosca developed the spare parts kit to minimise machine downtime – even when there are delivery delays or material shortages. Since the beginning of this year, customers can order an individually assembled set of spare parts for the machine or sealing unit type they purchased or already own. "Mosca spare parts kits ensure all the necessary components are on hand when maintenance is required. This enables customers to carry out minor repairs on the spot," explains Isabelle Geisler, Mosca Team Coordinator for Pre- & At Sales.

The Mosca spare parts kit is designed for a clear overview: one small carton contains four types of components in separate compartments. In addition to standard parts like tension and compression springs, customers receive engineered parts specially manufactured by Mosca, deep groove ball bearings and electronic components such as melt inserts and proximity switches. "We specifically selected the components based on our after-sales team's many years of experience," Geisler says. "This enabled us to put together suitable kits for all machine models and sealing unit types."

Spare parts kit supplemented by in-depth training and easy reordering

To make it easier for customers to maintain their strapping machines, Mosca offers training provided by experienced technicians. "We go beyond basic machine operation to teach users how to quickly and safely carry out minor repairs," Geisler explains. For more complex problems, Mosca technicians can be dispatched directly to the site – with the spare parts kit, all required components are already on hand.

After replacement parts have been installed, reordering is easy. "Our customer service team manages the ordering process and sends the new spare parts kit directly to the specified address," says Geisler. If customers only need certain components, they can easily order them using the part number listed in the kit.

The Mosca spare parts kits and all related services are available worldwide. "Our aim is to support customers and help make their production operations run as smoothly as possible. Of course, we're always there to provide efficient help if necessary," Geisler adds.

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