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Mosca GmbH
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New subsidiary in French market


Mosca is strengthening its position in France as a full-range supplier with a comprehensive package of services

By founding Mosca Emballage Sasu, Mosca is focusing on short paths and direct customer contact in France. Located in Lognes near Paris, Mosca Emballage has been providing direct sales and technical services since November 2018 and has been strengthening our presence on the French market by moving ourself closer to customers and market. A team of sales representatives, technicians and engineers handles customer requests quickly and efficiently. With offices, workshops for technicians, and a warehouse, the recently procured site offers 800 square meters of space for replacement parts and strapping material. This speeds up supplies to French customers, who can now access a comprehensive package of services in Lognes along with strapping machines for industries ranging from corrugated board to food manufactured in Waldbrunn, Germany.


Direct communication with the Mosca team

The new Mosca site also benefits customers in other ways. Direct contact with Mosca staff ensures customer feedback flows into advanced machinery developments and new models that can be perfectly equipped for specific applications, such as fish production on the coasts of France. "We see great growth potential in the French market," explains Mosca CEO Timo Mosca. "We are traditionally strong in the corrugated board sector, but are seeing a growing interest from the logistics and food industries. Mosca Emballage enables us to respond to the regional demand for technologically advanced machinery."


Modern solutions for the "Industrie du Futur"

"Our stronger local presence brings us closer not only to customers, but also to the current trends," says CEO Alfred Kugler. Among other things, Mosca scores points among French customers with solutions for the "Industrie du Futur," the French counterpart to Germany's Industry 4.0. Making sure strapping machines function smoothly as part of a fully-automated line or can be operated from a control station requires careful preparation and software skills. This is where our Technical Service, part of the comprehensive ONE Service concept, plays a key role. Our employee offer customers detailed advice and recommend the right machine for each application. They also provide on-site support during machine installation and, as experienced engineers and technicians, take a look at how customers can optimize production processes.

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