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Mosca elects the winners of the charity project competition 2017


In the course of the charity project competition 2017 Mosca donates 6.550€ in total to social, integrative and sustainable projects from schools, kindergartens or nonprofit organizations in the region.

Mosca feels especially in social terms responsible for the region due to its long-standing rootedness at the location in Waldbrunn. For this reason the company organized a charity project competition in 2017. The aim was to financially support social and integrative projects that are not governmentally funded.
After the responsible donation committee had chosen nine different charity projects, the award ceremony took place on Tuesday, the 9th of January 2018 at the head-quarters in Waldbrunn.
This event started with a short welcoming speech by Simone and Timo Mosca, went over to the delivery of the respective donation checks and ended up with a short presentation of the awarded charity Projects.
The following projects can be pleased about a financial support:

The karate club in Neckargerach has been subsidized by Mosca with 1.000€ for the purchase of new martial art mats and was then able to cover the majority of expenses.
This sports club sees itself as a supraregional union across generations with numerous members from the whole region.

With the focus on the motto education of the heart the evangelical kindergarten “Villa Kunterbunt” in Diedesheim is planning the foundation of a family center and is supported by Mosca with 500€.
This kindergarten deals especially with the topic emotional intelligence, an important personal quality for later self-confidence and self-reliance.
This term will play an important role when it comes to the establishment of the family center that should also be a second home for single parents, refugees etc.


Cooperation between young and old – this charity project of the community school “Schule am Limes” in Osterburken is sponsored by Mosca with 300€. The school cooperates closely with a retirement home by weekly visits, walks or creative work. Altogether there are twelve students involved in this project, who help the elderly persons to work independently.
This project commands a huge sustainability and integrity, because lots of children visit the retirement home frequently, also after their graduation.
With Mosca’s donation the arising material or food costs will be paid.

The voluntary engaged organization for child-welfare “Kinderschutzbund Kreisverband NOK e.V.” focuses on the UN children’s rights.To comply with the right of child welfare, this organization offers a “babysitter-training” for teenagers from the age of 14 years. This training includes basic knowledge as well as a legal foundation in contact with children. In addition to this a first aid course is offered.
Another workshop concentrates on the right of protection from violence or abuse. It deals with prevention of violence, self-assertion and advancement of moral courage.
Mosca helps to realize these projects with an amount of 750€.


The extracurricular group of history studies of the gymnasium “Nicolaus-Kistner-Gymnasium” in Mosbach cooperates with the museum and the archive of the city. The students collect personal histories and reports that fit to provided pictures and statements of contemporary witnesses.
All these histories and statements should be kept in a booklet that is financed by Mosca with 300€.


Books have a very big influence on the growing-up of children and their education. For this reason Mosca supports the three kindergartens in the region and their project with 750€.
They want to create a “reading-corner” where the children can comfortably learn how to read. This place should offer a big variety of nonfictional books, storybooks, painting books etc. and an enjoyable atmosphere.


The neighboring primary school “Lohrtalschule” in Mosbach wants to enlarge the room for their midday care and is subsidized by Mosca with 500€. The so-called “chill room” was established for children who have not enough money to pay for lunch every day. Currently there are more than 40 students attending this service every day.
With the donation the school plans to create a more comfortable
atmosphere by buying new furniture and by designing the room more modern.


The bike club in Waldbrunn wants to found a bike park which is not only accessible for the members of the club, but also for the public. In consequence, this project illustrates a sustainable free time activity which unifies the community. As this bike park will be arranged in Waldbrunn, it is also a new and interesting free time or sports possibility for most of Mosca’s employees. This is the reason why Mosca donates all in all 2.000€ to this project.


Last but not least there was another school, the “Realschule Eberbach” financially supported by an amount of 500€. It was not the school itself, but its “student company” that won the donation. This organization focuses on preparing the students already in a young age for their professional life and on conveying important qualities and values like respect or a friendly way of dealing with colleagues in their future profession. Beside this there are also practical contents taught. The students make finger food for catering events completely on their own, without any food additives. Furthermore they get a first insight in the field of accounting.
The donation is used to buy new material like platters or a waffle iron.


It is a great pleasure for Mosca to be able to subsidize so many charity projects. Unfortunately, it is not possible to support all projects that applied for the competition. However, we hope that all projects that could not get any donation in our competition can still be successfully realized.




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