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Mosca at drupa 2024: Digital transformation and sustainability at the end of the packaging line


Smart, fast, and secure: Mosca GmbH will be presenting digital, resource-efficient strapping and wrapping solutions at drupa 2024 (Düsseldorf) at Stand F11 in Hall 11. In addition to the fully automatic KZV-111 pallet strapping machine, the fully automatic SoniXs TR-Connect and SoniXs TRI-Connect strapping machines will also be on display as a tandem machine. A new digital package allows for monitoring of machine performance at any time and from anywhere. With the RO-M Fusion strapping machine and the Saturn S6 stretch wrapper, products can be securely strapped or wrapped in a fast and gentle manner.

Securing loads for transport today is about more than just safeguarding products. In view of rising raw material costs, fast production cycles, and consumer preferences for climate-friendly processes, businesses need to adapt their packaging solutions to address complex challenges. In the printing and print media industry, innovation, flexibility, and efficiency are therefore essential at the at the end of the packaging line.

Using ultrasound for sustainable and resource-efficient strapping

Mosca’s fully automatic KZV-111 machine not only enables secure strapping of uncompacted load units on pallets of all formats and shapes but also straps with particularly low emissions thanks to the SoniXs ultrasonic technology. The KZV-111 utilizes an integrated light barrier to determine the dimensions of the packages, positions the strap guide lance between the wooden components of the pallet, and straps them twice. The optional edge protection prevents the strap from cutting into very delicate products. Thanks to these features, the KZV-111 allows for versatile, product-friendly, and cost-effective strapping.

The SoniXs ultrasonic technology also enhances resource efficiency during the strapping process: “This sealing technique joins the ends of the plastic strap without requiring any warm-up time. This means that the machine only consumes energy during the sealing process, which boosts efficiency and lowers operational expenses,” says Alex Jesser, Product Marketing Manager at Mosca. “The process also ensures operator safety, as it does not release heat, smoke, or vapors.“ The SoniXs unit is secured with quick-release fasteners for convenient removal during maintenance.

The convergence of digital transformation and high-performance models

The SoniXs TR-Connect strapping machine and the SoniXs TRI-Connect inline strapping machine provide enhanced connectivity for packaging end processes in the printing industry. The two modules are fully automated and perform cross-strapping automatically. The SoniXs TR-Connect is used for transverse strapping, while the SoniXs TRI-Connect straps the product lengthwise. At the trade fair, Mosca will be showcasing the process using both PP straps and a combination of PP and paper straps in a width of 5 mm, thus demonstrating an alternative to conventional plastic straps for applications with light loads. The tandem machine is operated using a tablet, thanks to a Wi-Fi module integrated into both models.

In addition, the new interface facilitates seamless integration of both systems into existing production lines, either separately or in combination. “The standard integrated WebHMI enables operators to access real-time machine data such as availability, performance, and quality, and to make flexible adjustments as needed,” explains Jesser. Both solutions also allow operators to save up to three programs with precise parameters for optimal strapping.

The new digital package from Mosca allows for remote monitoring of strapping machines, offering increased flexibility regardless of location or time. Mosca offers access to important data such as machine efficiency, throughput, operating time, and warnings through a cloud platform, allowing faults to be rectified more quickly and costly downtimes to be minimized. “The optional digital package offers printing industry operators the opportunity to create an optimization strategy using machine and operational data, enhancing the efficiency of their processes,” explains Jesser. 

Effectively and easily process sensitive products

Mosca will also be exhibiting the Saturn S6 stretch wrapper at their stand. The fully automatic, space-saving ring wrapper by subsidiary Movitec wraps up to 120 pallets per hour. The extra cover film provides protection for products from dirt, water, and dust, not only from the sides but also from above. The machine uses various wrapping programs to adapt parameters according to the specific product and load security, thus minimizing damage and potential returns. Stretching the film before use by up to 300 percent (or optionally up to 400 percent) can also enhance resource efficiency.

The RO-M Fusion entry-level machine also straps in a sustainable manner that is in line with the product. The machine uses light barriers to detect the product height and automatically readjusts the strap tension value. This value can be stored in the system as needed and accessed at any time. The RO-M Fusion also uses delicate strapping mode to gently strap extremely soft packages with up to 30 percent recycled polypropylene (PP) with 5 mm strap width and with up to 100 percent recycled PP with 8 mm strap width and up.

Mosca recently launched the new TechCenter in Waldbrunn to offer customers optimal support in the area of resource efficiency. At this site, the company conducts tests on transport safety devices under simulated extreme conditions. “The tests help us identify potential for improvement and collaborate with our customers to develop efficient solutions that conserve materials and resources,” Jesser says. The Mosca experts will be available to answer questions about their services and testing options at the trade fair stand in Düsseldorf.

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