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MOSCA at ANUGA FoodTec 2022 – Stretch wrapping and strapping on a single line


ANUGA FoodTec 2022 in Cologne is where MOSCA is showing how stretch wrappers and strapping machines can work together in the food sector. The company's exhibit (Hall 7.1, Stand C081) features a fully automated production line consisting of an EVOLUTION SoniXs MS-6 H horizontal strapping machine and a MOVITEC Saturn S6 ring wrapper, as well as a stainless-steel EVOLUTION SoniXs MS-6-VA. MOSCA is showcasing end-of-line solutions for a wide range of food industry applications – from fresh produce to beverages or products with special requirements, such as meat and poultry.

The right solutions for securing a variety of food products for transport – all from a single source. MOSCA's display at this year's ANUGA FoodTec focuses on two key technologies for protecting different foods. For the first time at a trade fair, the company is presenting live demonstrations of stretch wrappers from MOVITEC, a MOSCA subsidiary. MOSCA GmbH CEO Timo Mosca explains: "We're looking forward to having MOVITEC machines at ANUGA because stretch wrapping is an indispensable way to supplement strapping in the food sector. While strapping uses a minimum amount of material to secure crates and provide maximum air circulation, stretch wrapping stabilises loads and provides protection against environmental influences." Crates packed with fresh produce or heated products need constant air circulation to prevent condensation and mould. On the other hand, small-format cardboard boxes containing bread or hamburger buns, or bottles in six-packs must be stabilised for transport and protected from moisture, dust and dirt.

Fully integrated into the system landscape

The MOSCA display stand offers live demonstrations of both load-securing techniques. In an automated line, conveyor belts move pallets stacked with food crates to the EVOLUTION SoniXs MS-6 H horizontal strapping machine or alternatively to the Saturn S6 stretch wrapper. The high-performance MS-6 H automatically straps up to 280 loads per hour. Within seconds, the strapping frame moves to the required height, applies horizontal strapping to the stacked crates and ultrasonically seals the strap ends in a low-energy, emission-free process. The fully automatic Saturn S6 ring wrapping machine handles up to 120 pallets per hour. This ring system is a faster, space-saving and robust alternative to rotary arm wrappers. As the ring moves from bottom to top, the film reel rotates around the load and wraps the material several times around the crates. The optional top sheet dispenser adds extra protection against dirt and moisture entering from above and is ideal for sensitive food products. For added stability of palletised crates, the Saturn S6 ring wrapper and MS-6 H both work with vertical edge protection. The cardboard protectors are applied to the corners of the crates before securing them for transport to create a secure bundle.

The fully automated line is supplemented by a web application with a virtual display that shows the status of the end-of-line process along with machine and consumption data. MOSCA exhibition stand visitors can use a touch screen to view the current level of edge protectors and check key machine information at a glance. The virtual display is made possible by MOSCA's integrated WebHMI, which compiles relevant availability and performance data. Timo Mosca: "Our stretch wrappers are already configured with WebHMI, which enables us to fully integrate MOVITEC into our system landscape." A virtual live demo is available to anyone who is unable to attend ANUGA FoodTec. Once the exhibition starts, the simulation will be accessible via the virtual MOSCA showroom:

Combination offers new possibilities

Another machine that complements the holistic packaging line at the MOSCA stand is the EVOLUTION SoniXs MS-6-VA. With most of its components made from V4A stainless steel, this model is 100% corrosion resistant. The machine can be hygienically cleaned with water and is designed to handle meat and poultry or other products with special requirements. A side sealing system protects the strapping frame from dirt, water or ice from above. The machine even handles frozen products with no problem. Motors and other sensitive components are protected by sheet metal covers. Like the MS-6 H, the MS-6-VA also uses MOSCA SoniXs ultrasonic technology to seal the strap ends. This ensures extremely low energy consumption, zero heat generation where straps are welded, and no odours that could affect food products. Both the MS-6-VA and MS-6 H are available with a double strap dispenser that holds twice the amount of strapping material in the same space. This feature also helps prevent production downtimes: if one of the two strap coils is empty, the machine automatically starts using material from the other coil. An operator can replace the empty coil with no need to rush or interrupt machine operation.

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