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EAM-Mosca expands headquarters in Pennsylvania


The Mosca Group opens a new chapter at its US site in Hazle Township. The company has renovated the headquarters of its subsidiary EAM-Mosca and expanded its campus in Pennsylvania (USA) by approximately 11,000 square meters. With this investment, the Mosca Group continues to drive its growth and creates new capacity for innovation.

The headquarter of Mosca-subsidiary EAM-Mosca in Hazle Township/PA now features a newly renovated building, new office spaces and roughly 24,000 square meters of production space. In the future, the headquarters will be responsible for strapping machines, straps, and spare parts as well as services in the USA, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

“With the expanded headquarters, we are not only positioning EAM-Mosca for the future but are also growing as the entire Mosca Group,” explains Timo Mosca, CEO of the Mosca Group. “The expansion enables us to meet the steadily increasing customer demand on site and creates space for new innovations at the same time.” The opening was attended by the CEOs Timo and Simone Mosca and Alfred Kugler. Christian Wiethuechter (President and CEO of EAM-Mosca) also came to see the results of the renovation of the building on the former neighboring property.

9 million dollar renovation project expands production and office space

The renovated building now offers modern, open office spaces and the first showroom in the Americas. Here, machines developed and produced by Mosca can be exhibited, allowing customers to get a first-hand impression during live showings.

The production area in Hazel Township has also been significantly expanded. EAM-Mosca now assembles strapping machines, produces straps, and develops custom machines on request in a space of approximately 24,000 square meters. In the new Center of Excellence for Machine Development, the company is researching and developing further innovative solutions for the end of the packaging line.

Renovation is part of the larger 20.6-million-dollar investment initiative

The expansion of the subsidiary's headquarters is part of EAM-Mosca's 20.6 million dollar investment strategy. The strategy also aims to expand the company's product portfolio, drive automation and digitalization, and find and develop young talent.

“With such extensive investment strategies, we are not only promoting the growth of our individual subsidiaries and locations but also enabling further growth throughout our Group,” explains Timo Mosca.

Mosca's road to the future!
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