Fully Automatic In-Line Strapping Machine

  • MCB-2 XT Fully automatic inline strapping machine


Fully Automatic In-Line Strapping Machine



  • PLC control Siemens S7 with touch panel Siemens MP277
  • Integrated squaring and strapping functions
  • Automatic set-up system resets to the dimensions of the first bundle; potential-free interconnection with upstream and downstream equipment
  • Five-sided bundle control provides perfectly squared, uniform bundles
  • Electrically driven, variable frequency controlled conveyors from the top and back ensure smooth bundle transport
  • Capability to strap up to 120 mm from the bundle centre (adjustment in  10 or 30 mm steps) allowing perfect strapping of complex bundle sizes and forms
  • Electromechanical press
  • Strapping in the direction of bundle travel, typically in-line with the flutes


  • A pusher drives the bundle through the pre-tensioned strap, placing the strap on three sides of the bundle. The needle moves down positioning and tensioning the strap at the fourth side and completing the loop by activating the heat-welding system
  • Electromechanical strap tension
  • Sealing head, needle, side pushers and off-centre shifting with brushless DC technology
  • Heat-welding sealing system with electronical temperature contol
Variants & Options
  • Second sealing unit with needle (both sealing units are moveable)
  • Powered discharge
  • Extended discharge area
  • Motorized adjustment of the machine centreline allowing the MCB-2 XT to be perfectly integrated into every conveying systems
  • Indicator light with low strap signal
  • Cycling roller conveyor: ideal interface between Inliner and MCB-2 XT allowing access for quality controls and best product cycling
  • Special painture according RAL scale
  • Conveying heights > 1,040 mm
Technical details

up to 27 bundles per minute

Standard machine grade 5, 6, 8 or 9 mm wide PP straps
The machine is adjusted to one of the mentioned strap widths.

Strap coil dispenser:
Core diameter: 200 mm
Core width: 380 mm

Network data: 400 V (415, 440), 50/60 Hz, 3 PH
Power consumption: approx. 4.0 kW

Conveyor height: 820 - 1040 mm

Frame: RAL 5010 gentian blue
Panels and guards: 7035 grey

Weight:  1700 kg (nominal width 1600 mm without options)


Consumables & accessories
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