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Strapping Material

Can plastic strapping be sustainable? For sure. In terms of plastics, sustainability does not mean producing exclusively from alternative materials, but also managing with the materials that are available in the recycling loop. For our strapping, it is important to us to ensure a closed loop of recyclable materials – not just to make certain that we process sustainable raw materials, but also to take responsibility for what happens to our strapping after it has been used by the customer.

Our PET strapping material already meets these requirements. The base material consists of shredded PET bottles, so-called “bottle flakes”, which we obtain from a recycler. The recycler cleans and shreds returned refundable bottles, thereby converting them into a high-quality raw material. In addition, we process our own and returned used PET strap to produce new strapping. This closed loop makes our PET strapping a truly sustainable strapping solution.

Our PP strapping is also produced with a certain proportion of recycled material – but that is still not enough for us. That is why we are constantly developing our PP strap and will steadily increase the proportion of recycled materials as a raw material for polypropylene strapping. Currently, our PP waste is already being reprocessed into new regranulate so that we can produce new strapping from it again.

Producing strapping from renewable raw materials is a challenge that we are happy to take on. You can find out more about the current state of development in our Innovations section.

Our production plant also matches the products in terms of sustainability. Our strap production is one of the most modern manufacturing facilities in Europe. Here, sustainability and resource management have top priority.

Strapping Machines

The longevity of our products is ensured by high-quality materials, holistic solutions, targeted training, and customized maintenance concepts. Systematic training of your machine operators by our Technical Service team increases the productivity of your processes. Durable products and holistic solutions from MOSCA also reduce the economic burden on your company. Our comprehensive maintenance concepts and repair services ensure smooth operations and enable you to extend the service life of your strapping machines.

Manufacturing strapping machines and strapping systems efficiently and in an environmentally friendly way involves a wide range of aspects and measures.

That is why we have introduced a label for our strapping machines. The in-house label “GET Inside” – short for “Green Efficient Technology Inside” – identifies machines that operate with the latest technology according to the following principles:

  • Sealing with ultrasonic technology
  • Wear-free direct drives
  • Electronics instead of pneumatics
  • Use of low-emission PET strapping


Fast and secure thanks to ultrasonics

The integrated SoniXs unit saves energy by using ultrasonics instead of conventional heat methods to seal the belt ends. At the same time, it has a longer service life, is quieter and produces no emissions. Compared to machine types using a hot-wedge unit, service life increases by up to 50%, while costs for wear parts are reduced by up to 80%. Noise levels are only a quarter of those of conventional machines.

Wear- and maintenance-free drives

We have been using wear-free direct drives in our strapping units since the early nineties. They not only save on service-intensive mechanics, but also guarantee smooth operation with very low friction. At the same time, they are virtually wear- and maintenance-free. Thanks to their high efficiency, the units are extremely energy efficient.

Electronics instead of pneumatics

We are increasingly replacing energy-intensive pneumatic and hydraulic drives with electric systems. These are used, for example, to generate the pressing force in pallet packing presses or to feed the edge protection when strapping stacks of corrugated board. As a result, the strapping machines operate extremely quickly, safely and energy efficiently, thus conserving resources.  

Climate-neutral strapping

Our PET straps are environmentally friendly: they are produced from 100% recycled bottle flakes in one of Europe’s most modern plants in Muckental in the Odenwald region of Germany. The necessary energy is generated by the solar panels on the roof of the production hall. After use, the strips can be easily returned to the recycling loop.

Our goal for the future is that not only our entire portfolio will meet the label’s criteria, but that they will become the universal industry standard.

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