Supplier Management

At Mosca, supplier management relates to all regular suppliers in a long-term business relationship. In general, these are mostly suppliers for serial machine production and plastics processing.

When it comes to long-term partnerships, we like to keep the lines of communication open with our suppliers. This helps us continue to grow and develop together in innovative ways.

One of the main tools we use for this is the supplier evaluation. Supplier evaluations reflect our current collaboration and provide clues to further potential.

Based on these evaluation results, we work with our suppliers to set clear progress goals while consistently distancing ourselves from suppliers who score poorly or are not prepared to move forward.

New suppliers who think they have what it takes to work with Mosca are welcome to apply at any time.  To review our requirements, refer to the section titled Information for new Suppliers. Naturally, all data will be kept strictly confidential.

All the documents you need as a Mosca supplier are available in our Download Center.


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