Information for new Suppliers

Interested in becoming a supplier for Mosca?

Start by filling out the supplier self-assessment and other required documents and sending them to our purchasing department.

To become a Mosca supplier, your company needs to meet various minimum standards with regard to company processes, ethics, finances, certifications and quality, as well as contractual bases. When a supplier first starts working with us, they are put through an in-house approval process to check that they meet these standards.

Please email your application along with all the required forms to You are welcome to also include your own company presentation or product information.

Please note that we do require the use of our forms; your own self-assessments will not be accepted as release documents. Your documents will, of course, be kept strictly confidential.

Please bear with us, as we regularly receive a high volume of applications. In any case, the purchaser in charge will contact you shortly. 

All the documents you need to establish a working relationship with us can be found in the download area.


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