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New humanitarian school project in Ethiopia

Since 2012, Mosca has been supporting an education project in Burundi in Central Africa, and that project is nearing completion. Even when this project is over, our collaboration with World Vision will go on, and Mosca will continue to support social projects. That is why Mosca has been supporting a school promotion programme in Nedjo, Ethiopia since 2018, expanding its social commitment in the area of education. Following World Vision’s lead, Mosca is thus making a contribution to renovating an elementary school and establishing a programme to promote reading.

Starting Situation

Insufficient schooling is among Ethiopia’s central challenges: The illiteracy rate of 61% makes it difficult for much of the population to pursue their own success. A 2013 study shows that in Nedjo, about 500 kilometres from the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa, around six in ten second-graders cannot read a word of their native language. Creating better learning conditions involves not only building schools, but renovating and funding existing facilities. This is where the project comes in: World Vision aid workers are renovating the building substance of an elementary school with more durable materials and setting up small libraries and reading nooks. They are also adding new furniture and equipment such as blackboards and toys to the classrooms. In addition to performing construction work, our aid workers focus on imparting knowledge. They train teachers and volunteer assistants, many from students’ families, in the disciplines of pedagogy and didactics. The objective is to sustainably improve the quality of education.

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