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Mosca GmbH, Waldbrunn

Mosca's Headquarter - Production and distribution of strapping machines

Mosca GmbH, Muckental

Plant Muckental - Production and distribution of strapping material

50 years Mosca - Please celebrate with us!

Founded in 1966, the original two-men-company MOSCA GmbH today ranks among the world market leaders in the strapping technology and employs approximately 850 people in 16 countries worldwide. We all together have achieved a lot in the past 50 years!

This is a good reason for us to celebrate this anniversary with the entire regional population on our "Family Day" on July 24, 2016 at our premises in Waldbrunn. We will be prepared for many visitors, because the multi-faceted program for all ages should allow the event to be a crowd puller.

Family Day with program highlights for young and old

The offer for entertainment will range from huge bouncy castle park with 7 attractions and outdoor climbing over balloon competitions and basketball for young people to introduction of the THW and the German Red Cross. As the birthday falls in a great sports year, Mosca has also invited 50 youth sports teams from the region to donate new sport dresses to each team. 

Technically interested visitors can get many information about us and our suppliers at numerous presentation stations all over the Mosca premises. Demonstrations of modern strapping machines and their production procedures provide insight into the current state of technology. Even our durable and environmentally friendly plastic straps can be viewed on the open day. By the way, you will learn, of course, a lot of interesting facts about the history of Mosca's past 50 years.

Please feel invited to celebrate this special birthday with us!

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