MOSCA Regional Project Competition

The Regional Project Competition has a long tradition at MOSCA. Due to our longtime rooting in our home region Waldbrunn in the Neckar-Odenwald-district, we also feel obliged to this region in cultural and social respect. Above all, we consider social, integrative and cultural commitment combined with sustainability and educational support as one of the most important components of a sustainable and responsible society. With the annual MOSCA Regional Project Competition we want to financially support projects, ventures and ideas of regional organizations, which will contribute to a continuously fair and respective community.

Many of our employees are actively engaged in countless clubs and take social responsibility in non-profit organizations in the surrounding villages. Schools and kindergartens convey integrative and educational values. However, many creative and interesting project ideas cannot be financed by the associations or from government funds.

With the MOSCA Regional Project Competition inviting cultural organizations and social institutions to apply for financial funding of their sustainable project, we want to contribute to the realization of multiple charitable goals.

In our News area, we will continuously inform about upcoming competitions and how to apply for funding your projects.

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