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Sponsorship of the Björn Steiger Foundation

The Björn Steiger Foundation has been committed to the goal of "saving lives" for decades. The air rescue, the emergency call 110/112 or the emergency call pillars on federal and district roads are all due to initiatives of the foundation. Mosca, as one of the leading manufacturers of strapping machines, is also happy to help institutions and companies that show their commitment to saving lives.

To maintain the rescue systems in the Neckar-Odenwald district, we can once again provide meaningful support for one year by sponsoring the emergency telephone "Melder 2418".

Certificate of sponsorship 2024

Support for the "Mobile Rescuer" app

MOSCA has pledged an annual donation of 1,000 euros to the Mosbach District Association of the Deutsches Rotes Kreuz (German Red Cross) for the "Mobile Retter" (Mobile Rescuers). Via the app, qualified volunteer rescue workers are informed by the control centres when they are in the vicinity of an emergency with their mobile phone. Since every minute counts for first aid, the app can be life-saving.

DRK President Gerhard Lauth and District Executive Steffen Blaschek welcomed Timo Mosca, CEO of MOSCA GmbH, and thanked him for his promise of annual support, which gives them "planning security". Steffen Blaschek pointed out that the DRK is currently financing the follow-up costs of the app entirely on its own and is dependent on donations for this.

"In the long term, this must become a compulsory service of the health insurance funds," added President Gerhard Lauth, adding that the public sector should also contribute more in the future through the social security funds for this innovation, which increases the level of protection for the population. "It can happen to anyone," explained Timo Mosca, explaining why it is so important, especially in rural areas, that help arrives on the scene as quickly as possible in an emergency. With its modern, digitalised approach, the "Mobile Retter" app makes a valuable contribution to this.

More information about the app can be found on the website:

New single-axle trailer for the Elztal Volunteer Fire Brigade, Muckental Dept.

Thanks to donations from Elztal companies, including MOSCA, a single-axle trailer was purchased for the Elztal Muckental Volunteer Fire Brigade, which is now used to transport emergency materials that are not permanently loaded on emergency vehicles. This includes, for example, submersible pumps, water suckers, sandbags and contaminated material.

With this new equipment, we wish the volunteer fire brigade of Elztal, Muckental department, successful operations!

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