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Mosca's MS-6-VA Strapper - Put to the Test in the Seafood Industry


The latest addition to our VA-series of corrosion resistant strapping machines, the EVOLUTION SoniXs MS-6-VA, has proven itself in long-term testing at Mowi (formerly Marine Harvest) in Norway.

Cold and damp conditions, for example in the meat or seafood processing industry, can pose a challenge to end-of-line packaging equipment. Additionally, food safety and hygienic standards are important topics in these industries. Mosca has developed a series of strapping machines that excel thanks to their hygienic ultrasonic sealing units and robust stainless steel construction.


One of these machines, our EVOLUTION SoniXs MS-6-VA, has been thoroughly tested at Mowi, the world’s largest producer of farm-raised salmon. At its factory in Ulvan, Norway, Mosca’s corrosion resistant side-seal strapping machine was integrated into one of the company’s three fully automated production lines in late 2017. Despite salty air and pressure washing of the machinery, the MS-6-VA is still in perfect condition. 

View the MS-6-VA Side-Sealer in action at Mowi here.

Read more about Mosca's strapping machine innovation as well as the test in Norway in the latest issue of our Customer Magazine.

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