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Mosca showcases modern end-of-line system for the corrugated board industry at SinoCorrugated


Artificial intelligence is replacing gray matter and robotic arms are supplanting muscle power. Automation has arrived in Asia's corrugated board market. At this year’s SinoCorrugated in Shanghai from 8th to 11th April, Mosca is demonstrating what a fully automated end-of-line solution with robotic palletizing looks like at Stand N5A110. In cooperation with Fuji Yusoki Kogyo, the technology leader is presenting a fully automatic system consisting of an MCB-2 XT strapping machine, a Fuji Ace EC-201 palletizing robot and LCU pallet packing press.

The Mosca stand at SinoCorrugated is where loose stacks of corrugated cardboard boxes are transformed into securely palletized products ready for transport. At the beginning of the line MCB-2 XT straps individual corrugated bundles, a Fuji Ace EC-201 palletizing robot stacks them on a pallet which is then strapped multiple times by a Mosca LCU for secure shipping. Representatives from Mosca and Fuji Yusoki will be available at the trade show to discuss system options and variants for corrugated board manufacturers. "Our cooperation with Fuji Yusoki enables us to present a complete end-of-line packaging solution to our customers and trade show visitors," explains Mosca CEO Timo Mosca. "A fully automated palletizing and load securing system can increase production output and significantly lower costs for customers." For instance, customers in Indonesia will recoup their investment in a Mosca pallet strapping system within two and a half years. Perfectly coordinating all machines connected in the line – from folder-gluer machines to strapping and palletizing units – increases throughput and reduces personnel costs. Flexible palletizing robots like those in the Fuji Ace series are extremely efficient and can adapt to special product formats.

Partner for automation

Customers are increasingly automatizing their production processes, especially in the Asian region. "Automation in Australia is at a similar level as Europe and the degree of automation in China is developing very rapidly. Corrugated board manufacturers in India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and other countries are also relying more and more on fully automated palletizing and load securing systems," explains Mosca CEO Alfred Kugler. "We use our expertise to support companies on the path to automation. Working together, we analyze their potential and come up with a solution to increase production efficiency." With local offices and a manufacturing facility in Malaysia, Mosca is in a position to quickly respond to customer needs and develop customized strapping solutions.

Efficient inline strapping

As the first station in the end-of-line system on display at SinoCorrugated, the MCB-2 XT gently straps the packages inline, i.e. parallel to the flute, to prevent damage to the corrugated structure of the material. With two parallel sealing units, the high-performance machine can double-strap up to 27 packages per minute to keep pace with the growing production output of folder-gluer machines. The MCB-2 XT automatically configures the format with the first package. This enables the machine to flexibly switch between different formats without requiring an operator to change the program. A proven pusher system and five-sided bundle control ensure packages are optimally positioned for strapping.

Production site in Malaysia

As the last element in the fully automated system presented at the Mosca exhibition stand, the LCU secures pallets for downstream transport. Ideal for processing of frequently changing product batches with different formats, this machine adds a cost-efficient, entry-level model to the Mosca portfolio of high-end pallet packing presses. The machine's compression plate applies up to two tons of pressure on the corrugated sheets or bundles. The LCU optionally straps up to 95 pallets per hour with one moveable sealing unit or up to 150 pallets with two fixed units. By shifting final assembly of LCU to Southeast Asia, Mosca Malaysia’s production portfolio of smaller machines has recently been extended to a larger pallet strapping system. This relocation strengthens Mosca's presence in the Asian market by ensuring short lead times without compromising the proven Mosca quality.

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