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MOSCA opens virtual showroom for intralogistics


MOSCA is using Web3D technology to expand its virtual presence. The company is opening the first of several planned virtual showrooms featuring a 360° panoramic view and enabling visitors to discover the MOSCA world of intralogistics, from machine models in high-resolution 3D to detailed information and multimedia content. The showroom will be permanently accessible from 14 October at

"Many trade shows are taking place live on site again, but we believe that the future of exhibitions is not analogue or virtual, but hybrid," says MOSCA CEO Timo Mosca. "Virtual showrooms can be more than just a substitute for a trade show stand – and that's what we want to demonstrate." The company based in Waldbrunn, Germany is planning several industry-specific showrooms to present its entire product portfolio in virtual space.

The first showroom will appeal to logistics specialists in particular. This virtual space features 12 MOSCA machines that are primarily used in mail order processing and logistics, including the side-sealing strapping machine EVOLUTION SoniXs MS-6 and the KZS-111 pallet strapping machine. Using keyboard and mouse, showroom visitors can move around between strapping machines in the three-dimensional space and click on videos or information panels. Thanks to the 360° view and high-resolution 3D images, users can see the machines from completely new perspectives and get a better impression of their dimensions. Detailed machine information and application videos provide insights into the functional features and advantages of each machine. What is particularly impressive about the showroom is its scale: Timo Mosca explains: "Real trade show stands are limited in space, which makes it impossible to exhibit all of our machines for one industry at the same time. Especially when it comes to pallet strapping, many of our machines are so large that they don't fit on an exhibition stand. This isn't a problem in the virtual space. Even people who are interested in special applications will find what they are looking for here."

Digital mainstay

The intralogistics showroom may be just the beginning. Expansions with new virtual rooms, machines and applications are all possible for MOSCA. As a digital mainstay, the showrooms can highlight and support future MOSCA innovations. Along with new spaces for other industries, the virtual showrooms can be used for events. Trade shows or product launches can be accompanied by a livestream or a dedicated showroom. This would enable potential customers to instantly examine a new machine in 3D from all angles. Animations and virtual production lines could in future demonstrate where and how a machine is best implemented.

Maximum flexibility with the latest technology

MOSCA teamed up with INNEO Solutions GmbH to work on its virtual showroom project. Working in close cooperation since the beginning of 2020, the two companies have been advancing the NeoSpace software solution to create the necessary basis for showrooms. What makes this solution special is that instead of requiring experienced programmers and virtual presentation experts, the software can be used by non-specialists. In other words, when companies like MOSCA want to create a virtual world, they no longer have to rely on outside help, but can skilfully create their own showrooms, virtual events and 3D models. The NeoSpace tool offers maximum flexibility for designing virtual spaces. Revisions can be implemented quickly with little effort – which means the showrooms are always up-to-date. "This technology is a major innovation," Timo Mosca emphasises. "No existing software could have offered us this level of flexibility and ease of use." INNEO also benefits from the joint efforts because the software innovation has only been on the market for just less than a year: "The teamwork between MOSCA and INNEO is a success for all sides," says Benjamin Horn, Sales Manager Digital Reality at INNEO. "MOSCA has a chance to suggest improvements and propose new features that further advance our solution. Showroom visitors also benefit from this ongoing development. It's a win-win-win situation."

MOSCA is the first company to use the tool, which once again demonstrates its willingness to innovate. Timo Mosca explains: "As a pioneer in the field of digitalisation, it is very important for us to be at the forefront of implementation technology because this is the only way we can create the best possible showroom for our customers."

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