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At the end of each production process, the finished product must be efficiently and functionally packed and secured for transport. The technology at the end of the process chain needs to function correctly and reliably to ensure the smooth running of the entire process and avoid costly downtime.

Mosca offers the best available end-of-line packaging solutions. Based in Germany’s Odenwald forest, we are a traditional family company with over 50 years of experience and a worldwide reputation for quality and reliability in the field strapping and securing goods in transit. Thanks to our innovative strength and pioneering spirit, we continue to set new standards and strengthen our position as a technology leader in the strapping industry.

We develop efficient strapping machines, high-quality strapping materials and complex systems for securing your goods in transit. Our services extend far beyond our machine portfolio. As a system provider, we accompany our customers from the start with a comprehensive and holistic service concept that ensures we precisely meet their requirements from the outset. We will find the perfect solution for your needs too. You can explore our full product range and find out about our service offerings on these pages.


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Our Application Solutions

  • Closing
  • Bundling
  • Handling aid
  • Load securing

"How to close a box"

Strapping is the perfect way to secure goods, cartons or packages for safe transportation: quickly, efficiently and with minimum use of materials. Strapping is suitable for all sorts of materials, sizes and shapes. Cardboard boxes that correspond to the Eurepean packaging standards are especially well suited to strapping. The typical FEFCO standards 0203 for example - a cardboard box with overlapping bottom and top flaps - is used for a wide range of products. In conjunction with a strapping system, these boxes allow ...

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"Bundle with care"

Strapping is ideal for combining loose goods that are not packed in a box into a product bundle: from newspapers and magazines to rugged items like wooden planks, metal poles and plastic or aluminum tubes, to cables, sleeves, tiles or stone blocks. Even for large parts that are simply too bulky for cardboard, strapping offers a material-saving, secure alternative to secondary packaging. If you bundle according to quantities, you quickly get an overview of the total number of your articles because larger units are more easily ...

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"Easy Handling"

Rapid processes are in demand all along the production and transportation chain. The further processing of bulky or heavy goods that are difficult to get hold of can cost unnecessary time. Our straps save you and your employees time and trouble by making awkward products much easier to handle. Although not its primary purpose, strapping is ideal as an alternative means of carrying all sorts of objects, from packages, cartons and sheetrock to bottles or bulky items like furniture. Even if a product is already packaged ...

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"Safety first"

Reliably securing freight for transportation is of central importance across all industries – for the corrugated board industry as much as for the transportation of white goods like washing machines or dishwashers, or for heavy packages in the construction industry such as stones or tiles. If your cargo or goods are not sufficiently secured during shipping, it can have serious consequences. Damage to your items, to the vehicles or even personal injury can all result from inadequate securing ...

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Our Industry Sector Solutions

  • Corrugated Cardboard & Paper Industry
  • Mail Order & Logistics
  • Construction & Container
  • Food & Beverage Industry
  • Newspaper & Graphics Industry

Corrugated Cardboard & Paper Industry

We developed inline technology to ensure that your corrugated board products reach your customers in the best possible condition. Inline technology gently straps corrugated board “along the wave” and prevents the strapping from damaging the structure of the board. Sensitive paper products are gently handled. Many of our machines allow the required strap tension to be individually set. Additional edge protection can also be used, as required ...

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Mail Order & Logistics

In the mail order and logistics industry, deliveries of all different sizes are common. Products often need to be secured that do not correspond to regular size standards. The variety of dispatched and transported goods is immense and extends across almost all industries. Thanks to our versatile range of machines, we can find the ideal solution for every need. With the right model, we always leave you sufficient flexibility ...

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Construction & Container

Building materials and ceramic products are heavy and often bulky and sharp edged. A stable strapping solution is required that can reliably secure heavy loads over long periods. In conjunction with our PET strap, which are particularly suitable for rugged products, our machines deliver stable strapping with maximum availability. The core industries we serve include ... 

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Food & Beverage Industry

Hygiene is of paramount importance when strapping food and beverages. This means that equipment along the entire process chain must be able to be quickly and easily cleaned. This is where our patented ultrasonic SoniXs technology comes into play. Still unique in the market, SoniXs does not require a heating element. Instead, the welding is carried out efficiently and with low emissions by ultrasonic waves ...

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Newspapers & Graphics Industry

Printed matter needs to be pressed before strapping. Otherwise there is a danger that air will slowly escape during transportation of the stacked products, resulting in the strapping becoming loose. Our machines can easily handle this problem. Depending on the model, both steps can even be carried out fully automatically. If required, a compact machine combination can perform cross strapping in a single operation ...

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Our Product Portfolio

  • Machines
  • Systems
  • Integrated Solutions
  • Strapping


Depending on your needs, we offer you semi- or fully automatic strapping machines that enable you to reliably and efficiently bundle your parcels, packages, boxes or other items, or secure them for transport – all with maximum availability. Depending on your needs, we offer you semi- or fully automatic strapping machines that enable you to reliably and efficiently bundle your parcels, packages, boxes or other items ...

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In addition to our strapping machines, we offer a broad portfolio of complete strapping systems for special securing requirements. Our robust systems handle multiple steps of the load securing process in a single pass and work extremely efficiently. Our pallet packing presses press, strap and secure your cargo onto the pallet in a single production step, leaving it ready for logistics processing ...

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Integrated or Individual Solutions

As a system supplier, our offer extends far beyond our machine portfolio. We offer integrated solutions that precisely and reliably meet your needs. Whether you are looking for a system to secure loading or products, our project department will define your requirements and give you individual advice. In specific terms, this means we liaise with you and ensure optimum interface adaptation by controlling the process itself and integrating the necessary elements.

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